Benefice service on the Plain

1st January, so what did we expect? Daffodils and sunshine, cake and sandwiches, brass bands? Rain, wind and very, very cold is what we got. Us and some dogs. It was too wet for the horse and ponies who’d promised to come along. Very wisely they stayed at home.

To celebrate the official start of the new benefice the Revd David Walters took us through a short communion service at the one place where all the former parishes met, a cross tracks somewhere north of Fox Covert, east of the German Village, west of the Gibbett, and south of Tilshead’s CCF camp.

And then we went homeā€¦ to warm up.

Thank you, David

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA2014a01 benefice service on the plain b

2014a01 benefice service on the plain c