And the sun shone…

Lo, from the north we come
From east, and west, and south

Hills of the north rejoice! was almost spot on, if you leave out the south, as no one lives down there, but at 12.30 on Sunday we all converged on the cross tracks where the four village boundaries meet.

86 people in all, and countless dogs, came to the first Rogation Picnic, not to mention six off-roaders on four wheels and two off-road bikers who drove along the tracks minutes before everyone arrived, just on time. And the sun shone, as the BBC’s local forecast had said it would…benefice, 2014e25 Rogation picnic Lo from

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Pilgrimage of the Cross


2014d16 Pilgrimage of the Cross sets off from the Rectory

A word about the Passage of the Cross around the benefice which has taken place over the last four days.

It was envisaged by me as a quiet, solitary walk to christen Eleanor’s first Easter here. However, it grew in the most pleasant fashion to become a truly benefice event. We have walked the length and breadth of our benefice and taken the Easter message to all.
Orcheston, Pilgrimage of the Cross rests in St Mary's, 17 April 2014
Thank you to everyone who took part; it made the ‘pilgrimage’ an absolute pleasure. Thank you to those who provided quite remarkable hospitality.

What this has proved is that whilst each church and indeed village may have its own identity, it doesn’t stop us coming together to celebrate as one community.

Best wishes,

Sean20140417 140323 pilgrimage of the cross

20140416 093631 pilgrimage of the cross 20140416 112207 pilgrimage of the cross

benefice, 2014d16 Pilgrimage of the Cross 4 Chitterne to Tilshead 2014d18 pilgrimage of cross a 2014d18 pilgrimage of cross b 2014d18 pilgrimage of cross c 2014d18 pilgrimage of cross f