Sam Shepherd writes…

‘On 13th September a group of cyclists, walkers and one horse, after breakfast at The Stores, set off to visit 16 churches over a distance of 25 miles, to raise money for Wiltshire Historic Churches Trust. The Charity had been generous in their grant towards the redecoration of St Mary’s. In the event time won, and the walkers covered 20 miles and visited 13 churches!’

Paul Taylor says…

‘On the 30th Anniversary of the WHCT Ride and Stride a team of five walkers, two cyclists and one horse rider set out from Orcheston at 8.00am on Saturday 13th September. Seasoned campaigners Sam and Paul (still fit from their Hadrian’s Wall walk) were joined by John Badgery, David Walters and Carol Cole on foot. Sally Shepherd was the lone horse rider and John and Ella Spottiswood the cyclists. At the end of the day Sam, John, Ed Shepherd (who substituted David at Wylye) and Paul reached the Rectory in Shrewton where tea and sympathy were available in abundance. The team walked a circuit of about 20 miles visiting 13 churches (including the eight in the Benefice) and raised over £100 for the charity. Thanks are due to all the churches for ensuring that their doors were open and for the kind hospitality along the way. We look forward to our 2015 Pilgrimage from Salisbury to Canterbury via Winchester.’

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