Local artistic talent

It’s a Wonderful World
Salisbury Plain Benefice’s art display, September 2014

Last month saw a gathering of local artistic talent exhibited in St Mary’s. It is quite stunning how skilled and diverse people are. Exhibits varied from drawing and painting to sculpture and an amazing patchwork quilt. We also had some excellent entries from our local children. All in all the church was filled with colour and cake! You can’t have a church and not cake, can you?

We hope to host more cultural events in St Mary’s in Shrewton. Remember, each of our churches is an integral part of village life, not simply a place of worship. It’s everybody’s church whether you’re religious or not.

So, stay tuned for more culture next year, including, I hope, Shrewton’s 1st year in the Wylye Valley and Plain Arts art trails.

Sean Ashton

Exhibition taking shape

Final preparations

Some of the exhibits


‘My godfather, Steve’

Artist with her rainbow

Some contributions from Appleford School

Contributors ranging for 4 to 80 years

Cakes for the visitors

Relaxing in the Children’s Corner

And our youngest visitor…

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