Opportunities in SPB



Open the Book is an initiative to bring the messages of Bible stories alive through drama for our school children. There is an Open the Book group in the Benefice which is looking for a few more enthusiastic volunteers. The commitment is for one assembly per half term, plus preparation time. Both pupils and staff really value the Open the Book sessions, but also the opportunity to meet with the people who are involved. For more information, please contact David Walters on 01980 620038.


This year we look forward to marking the events of Holy Week & Easter at Shrewton church with all the children from the primary school. To do this, we would really welcome assistance from about 10 adults from across the Benefice who have some time to help with preparation and collection of resources, and/or to take part in the activity on the day itself (26th March). For more information please contact Eleanor Rance on 01980 620580 or by email at reveleanorrance@gmail.com


Do you have time to pray?

As well as the regular, weekly, opportunities for more formal prayers within the Benefice, we would like to invite you to consider if you have time to set aside in your daily lives for prayer. We always have a number of names on our notice sheet, reflecting people who have asked for prayers. But there are also frequent occasions when we are made aware of a particular need, or a particular occasion for which prayer is urgently requested. Could you make yourself available to pray? (in your own time, at work/home/walking etc). If you would be interested in offering some of your time in this way, please make contact with Eleanor Rance on 01980 620580 or by email at reveleanorrance@gmail.com


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