Songs of Praise

Dear all,

the usual church notices will follow tomorrow, but I just wanted to seize this opportunity to tell you that today is your last opportunity to tell me if you would like to select a hymn, reading or poem for the service of Songs of Praise which will take place as our Benefice Service on Sunday 10th May at 6pm in St Mary’s, Shrewton.

If you would like to email me your suggestion, please do so before 10am tomorrow morning, when I will ‘close’ the opportunity and send the chosen hymns to our organist.

You are not required to introduce your choice, though it would be really lovely if people were to do so. Those who choose a reading/poem are also encouraged to introduce it and then read it for us.

many thanks,

Eleanor x

A beneficial year


The Benefice’s 2015 Annual Parishioner’s Meeting (APM) and Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) will take place on Monday 27 April in Chitterne Village Hall. Parishioners from all four villages are most welcome.

To view the following items online please click on this link:

a. 2015 General Annual Report

b. 2015 Formal Annual Report

c. A photo montage of the year in the life of the Benefice

d. 2013 Accounts for all 4 villages

e. 2014 Accounts for all 4 villages