Alabare, more needed

Alabare are delighted with all the donations that they have received so far from SPB. They have a particular need at the moment for sleeping bags, tents, fleeces and jackets. Please look in your lofts, garages, lumber rooms for anything that you may have; ex army gear is particularly popular. Your village collection co-ordinators are:

Shrewton: Sean Ashton
Tilshead: Trudie James
Chitterne: Elizabeth Johns
Orcheston: Paul Taylor

If you can’t deliver to one of them, I can come and collect from you.

Also, Alice my eldest daughter has a holiday job at Wilton House, managing the kitchens. Wilton House is open from Sunday-Thursday so she has to clear the kitchens out on Thursday evening. The Alabare drop in centre is open on Friday so unwanted food will henceforth not be going to waste.

All these demands on Alabare (as well as the Salisbury Trust for the Homeless and the Trussell Trust) proves that even on our doorsteps there is need; need for the basic necessities of life. Any help that you can give will be really appreciated.

Many thanks for you support so far and for what you may be able to give in the future.

Paul Taylor

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