Visitors comments, OSM

August 2014 to September 2015, Orcheston St Mary’s Visitors Book comments


a. Names have in most cases been omitted, except where locally pertinent.

b. In a little over a year 112 people have made comments in the book, in fact given that quite a few of those were couples, families or groups the number commenting would have been greater. We cannot say how many visited but left no comment, but it certainly suggests a considerable overall total of visitors.

c. The geographical spread is pretty impressive, too: they have come from Ireland, Scotland and Wales, 20 English counties plus 47 from Wiltshire (which includes three from Orcheston itself), and eight overseas countries: Australia, France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland, and, last but by no means least given that they number 16 in all, The Netherlands.

d. Apologies for any that are missing, misspelt, mistyped or just plain wrong!

e. And it shows how one can learn something new every day… I never knew that we had a ‘saddle top’ tower, in fact I never knew there was such a thing (nor, for once, does Wikipedia, or so it seems)!

  2014 (Name and) address Comment
1. 3 August … Dewey, Fordingbridge Came to visit my father’s grave, to see that the church was open was a pleasant extra
2. 8 August Munich, Germany Silent, beautiful. Visited this church 100 years after the stupid Great War started. God … Europe and give peace in Ukraine
3. 12 August Godshill, Hampshire Came because I thought you were a Conservation Trust church. You appear to be live and well! Great! Good to see you support Trussell Trust
4. 13 August SPB My first and my 15th church today
5. 16 August Cork, Ireland Came from Edington and Imber, another delight
6. 26 August Netherlands What a very nice little church
7. 27 August Callington, Cornwall Please keep your church open, you never know who may need a quiet place
8. 29 August London A lovely little country church
9. 3 September Devizes, Wiltshire Church not open, had to get the key from cats home! Hope you are able to keep this nice little church open. Love the flint and stone construction and saddle top tower, etc
10. 7 September Stourbridge, West Midlands So peaceful
11. 7 September Brierley Hill, West Midlands Please keep it open, just as churches always were, as a place of solace and comfort
12. 13 September Pontypridd, Rhondda Cynon Taf Lovely little church, hope you can keep it open and that your ride and stride goes well
13. 22 September Maidstone, Kent Keep it open as it should be, numbers or not
14. 28 September …, née Dewey, Sydney, Australia Came to visit grave of father and grandparents. Church brings back a lot of memories
15. 28 September … Dewey, Fordingbridge I was christened here 60 years ago, still a lovely church
16. 2 October Calstock, Cornwall Great to find it open, really important
17. 20 October Bath Ditto! Beautiful. Something on the history would be good
18. 21 December Devizes, Wiltshire  
19. 21 December Netherlands  
20. 22 December Westbury, Wiltshire Many thanks. I will be back on Sunday 28th December with a group of walkers
21. 22 December Edington, Wiltshire  
22. 27 December Orcheston I learned about the organ
23. 28 December Maidstone, Kent  
24. 28 December South Wilts Ramblers, 16 walkers  
25. 28 December Westbury, Wiltshire  
26. 28 December West Wilts Ramblers, x 16 A lovely ‘simple’ church
  2015 Name and address Comment
27. 3 January Mansfield, Nottinghamshire  
28. 3 January Radbourn, Hertfordshire  
29. 3 January Calne, Wiltshire  
30. 3 January Dunblane Cathedral, Stirling  
31. 3 January Calne, Wiltshire  
32. 3 January Derby  
33. 3 January Derby  
34. 3 January Derby  
35. 18 January 3 generations from Warminster, Wiltshire We came today to leave Granny’s funeral flowers (Eileen …, née Ledbury) on the grave of her mother and father …. She died on the 4th January 2015
36. 9 February   Thank you for keeping the church open
37. 15 March   A stunning place
38. 6 April   The church is pretty
39. 12 April Haslemere, Surrey Thank you for the mini-Easter egg, you missed a blue one so I’ve eaten it for you
40. 17 April Sweden This is a wonderful church
41. 19 April Cardiff Thanks for leaving the church open
42. 20 April The Hundred Parishes (in northwest Essex, northeast Hertfordshire and southern Cambridgeshire) Please keep the church open for people to enjoy
43. April Petersfield, Hampshire Very pretty little church. Love the flowers
44. 29 April Holland A very beautiful church
45. 1 May Frome, Somerset Lovely church
46. 4 May Congleton, Cheshire Very peaceful and beautiful
47. 10 May Westbourne, West Sussex Beautiful. Here I gave my life to God
48. 10 May Australian Capital Territory, Australia Simple and serene, very peaceful
49. 15 May Wallingford, Oxfordshire  
50. 19 May Durrington, Wiltshire Family of E F Milburn, formerly of Orcheston. Mum’s 5th anniversary of her death. Loved, missed and remembered every day
51. 23 May Grandson and family of Nan Milburn Deeply missed
52. 23 May Derby Lovely small church, enjoyed going up the tower!
53. 23 May Orcheston Enjoyed looking at the organ. Lovely church!
54. 23 May   Lovely church, so nice to find it open. Thank you
55. 23 May Surrey Peaceful
56. 23 May Devizes, Wiltshire Lovely
57. 24 May Avebury, Wiltshire  
58. 24 May Stoke on Trent Lovely church, nice to find it open
59. 24 May Kent Thank you for keeping this church open
60. 27 May The Netherlands Thanks for the possibility of visiting
61. 30 May Germany Lovely to find this beautiful church open
62. 31 May Shrewton, Wiltshire Lovely church
63. 6 June Holland  
64. 8 June Warrington, Cheshire Beautifully kept church, lovely to find it unlocked
65. 7 June   Awesome!
66. 16 June Chorley, Lancashire Nice old church
67. 17 June Spain, from Orcheston  
68. 20 June Allington, Wiltshire  
69. 20 June Trowbridge, Wiltshire A lovely unexpected find
70. 21 June York Lovely!
71. 23 June Market Rasen, Lincolnshire  
72. 24 June Suffolk Lovely church, peaceful and warm
73. 26 June … Simms Baptised here in 1958
74. 26 June Uelzen, Germany  
75. 28 June Thanks for being open
76. 28 June Ermelo, Netherlands Thanks to be open
77. 29 June Amsterdam, Netherlands Beautiful church!!
78. 2 July Netherlands Lovely church
79. 4 July Oban, Argyll and Bute Beautiful church
80. 8 July Eiberg, Germany Very nice church
81. 12 July Switzerland
82. 17 July Germany A place of … peace
83. 17 July Holland Surprised to find this at a dead end street. Nice little church!
84. 18 July Germany Good place to be silent in the evening and during the day
85. 18 July Antwerp, Belgium Great initiative to keep the church open, it is a wonderful place of peace
86. 20 July Gloucester Staying in the village
87. 20 July Gloucester Lovely to find a church open, thank you
88. 20 July Gloucester Pretty village church, thank you
89. 21 July Belgium  
90. 25 July Kent Lovely peaceful place
91. 27 July The Netherlands Thanks for the hospitality. We love the place!
92. 29 July The Netherlands Lovely!
93. 30 July Aged 5 Thank you for being open and the colouring
94. 30 July Tadley, Hampshire Beautiful church, lovely to look inside
95. 31 July The Netherlands  
96. 1 August Netherlands Thank you for opening this beautiful church
97. 1 August Netherlands Thank you
98. 3 August Germany Thank you
99. 7 August Poland Thank you
100. 5 August The Netherlands In the past few days I have used the church for meditation. I have thoroughly enjoyed the peace and silence
101. 5 August France Beautiful
102. 10 August Holland  
103. 16 August France  
104. 18 August Germany S… and her dog. It’s a lovely church
105. 22 August Hitchin, Hertfordshire  
106. 22 August   Fine old church
107. 23 August Biddulph, Staffordshire Good to visit again
108. 23 August Eastbourne, East Sussex Thank you for allowing us inside
109. 29 August Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire  
110. 30 August Netherlands Lovely church!
111. 1 September Sweden Tack for att vi ficc besoka kyrkan [Thank you for letting us visit the church – approximately!]
112. 5 September   What a lovely little church. Thank you for being open!
113. 7 September Lichfield, Staffordshire Came to pray at 8 am. Great facility