Notices 05 Feb 17

PDF of these notices here 20170205-notices_spb

Isaiah 58.1-9a (9b.12), 1 Corinthians 2.1-12 (13-end), Matthew 5.13-20

9am                 Holy Communion        Orcheston
10.30am          Family Communion    Tilshead
5pm              Bible Study & Prayers    Chitterne*

READINGS & SERVICES FOR 12th February, 3rd Before Lent:
Deuteronomy 30.15-end, 1 Corinthians 3.1-9, Matthew 5.21-37

9am                 Holy Communion        Shrewton
10.30am          Family Communion    Chitterne
4pm                 Evensong                   Tilshead

The following services take place during the week. Do join us if you can:
Tues 10am      Holy Communion  Shrewton
Wed 10am      Morning Prayer     Shrewton
Wed 4.30pm   Compline              Chitterne

Please remember the following people in your prayers… Emily, Pam, Simon, Alan, Nicola, Oscar, Angie, Jerry, Peggy, Maureen, Michael, Christine, Bryan, Robert, Robert, Stuart, Sarah, Daisy, Carol, Jim, Sally, Ian, Elisabeth, Caroline, Anna, Antonia, Karen, Mark, Betty; all who are struggling with ill-health, isolation or loneliness.

*Bible Study, Tonight
The Bible Study is being held in people’s homes during the colder winter months, and on 5th February will take place at Manor Farm House in Chitterne at 5pm. All welcome.


Mothers’ Union Wave of Prayer, Wed 8th February 9.30am, St Mary’s Shrewton.
Join us as we take part in a wave of prayer with our members world-wide.

St Marys Church, Shrewton, 18th March at 10am
St Marys Maddington Church, 20th May at 10am

Please do come and help if you are able, the more the merrier. (Coffee & biscuits available for sustenance!) There will be cleaning materials available but if you could please bring your own dusters/cleaning cloths/eco cleaning products etc, that would be brilliant. Contact Sarah Le Fevre (07740 995889) if you have any questions. THANK YOU.

Lent in 2017
The Diocese have produced a booklet called ‘Praying Together’ specifically for our use in the parish during Lent this year. Copies of the booklet are available for every parishioner, and can be collected from each church in the parish. In addition, those who wish may download the same material as an app for tablet or smartphone, or go to the Diocesan website where they can download/print the material for free.

Lent Study Group
The Bible Study group which currently meets monthly on Tuesdays in Shrewton will be following a book during Lent called ‘Abraham’ by Meg Warner. The Lent group will begin on 28th Feb at 7.30pm and continue weekly throughout Lent. If you would like to be part of this then please contact Heather Brearey (01980 621851) for more details.

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