Notices 13 Apr 17

Posted on Maundy Thursday 13/4/17
Dear friends,
We have just begun the great ‘Three Days’ of our observation of Easter. We start with the last supper, and tonight, until midnight, the vigil in Shrewton church, when we recall Jesus’ time in the Garden of Gethsemane before his arrest.

Tomorrow we meet at 9.30am at Shrewton Church to walk together to Tilshead for our Good Friday service (12noon). If you would rather drive to that service, the road between Shrewton/Orcheston is, I believe, open tomorrow.
Then on Sunday morning we have 5 services to mark the great celebration that is Easter. 6am and 9.30am in Orcheston, 9.30am in Chitterne, and 11am in Tilshead and Shrewton.

Please do come and join us if you can, it makes our journey to Easter so much more significant if we walk in Jesus’ footsteps.
On Saturday at 11am there will be a commemoration of a 100th anniversary of one of our WW1 service men. 11 at the Shrewton War memorial.

Please find the other church notices attached (and below).
with kind regards,


Acts 10.34-43, Colossians 3.1-4, John 20.1-18
6am                 Early Easter Service  Orcheston
9.30am            Easter Communion    Chitterne
9.30am            Easter Communion       Orcheston
11am               Easter Communion          Tilshead
11am               Easter Communion        Shrewton

READINGS & SERVICES FOR 23rd April, Easter 2:
Acts 2.14a, 22-32, 1 Peter 1.3-9, John 20.19-end

 9am                 Holy Communion        Chitterne
10.30am          Holy Communion        Orcheston
4pm           Family Service & Tea       Shrewton

The following services take place during the week. Do join us if you can:

Tues 10am      Holy Communion  Shrewton
Wed 10am      Morning Prayer     Shrewton
Wed 4.30pm   Compline              Chitterne

Please remember the following people in your prayers… Anna, Antonia, Angie, Betty,  Bryan, Carol, Caroline, Christopher, Daisy, Emily, Jerry, Jim, Karen, Mark, Maureen, Michael, Oscar, Pam, Peggy, Robert, Robert, Sally, Sarah, Simon; for those who look for hope and light, for all who face death, and all who grieve; that they may know the promise of eternal life.

Lord of all life and power,
who through the mighty resurrection of your Son overcame the old order of sin and death to make all things new in him: grant that we, being dead to sin and alive to you in Jesus Christ, may reign with him in glory; to whom with you and the Holy Spirit be praise and honour, glory and might, now and in all eternity.  Amen.

The Annual Report & Accounts 2016
The above report  has now been published and can be found on church noticeboards and on the website. A general report will also be published in time for the APCM, at which paper copies will also be available.

Could it be you?
Have you ever considered serving on a Parochial Church Council? Do you feel you have gifts to offer the church community in this area? If so, then nominations for PCC lay members, churchwardens, and Deanery Synod representatives are now open. Nomination forms can be found in all 4 churches. Please do consider if this is something you are being called to, or if you would like to nominate someone else within the church family (please ask their permission first!).


Annual Parochial Church Meeting
The Annual Parochial Church Meeting will take place on 26th April, 7pm at Orcheston Village Hall, with refreshments from 6.30pm.

AGM – The Friends of St. Mary’s Church Shrewton The Friends will be holding their Annual General Meeting on Monday, 24th April, at 7.00 p.m. in Maddington Church Room.  This will be followed with a talk by the Revd. Pat Clegg on Jerusalem – the Israeli/Palestinian issue.  All are welcome and refreshments will be served.  We look forward to seeing you.

AGM- The Friends of St Thomas A Becket Church, Tilshead The Friends will hold their Annual General Meeting on Thursday 27th April at 7pm (for 7.30pm) in Tilshead Village Hall. After the business of the AGM is concluded Mr George Murray will present a talk on ‘Policing then and now’.

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