The Revd Stéphane Javelle – new curate at SPB

We are delighted to give a very warm welcome to The Revd Stéphane Javelle to the Benefice of Salisbury Plain. It has been a truly blessed day in so many ways and we look forward to sharing many more with you, Stéphane.

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Photos from service and of all candidates are Credit to Diocese of Salisbury/Gerry Lynch

Stéphane Javelle’s path to the Salisbury Plain Benefice took him all the way from Marseille, where he was previously Events Manager for the city council.

 The Revd Stéphane Javelle, who will be based in Shrewton, said:

“I had felt a call to priesthood since childhood, and when I was younger I spent four years training as a Roman Catholic priest. One of my grandmothers was British and an Anglican – I still have her Book of Common Prayer – and at the end of those years I realized I was an Anglican too!

“When I started to attend the Anglican Church in Marseilles, I felt at home; it is a very warm congregation with a great sense of family. I became steadily more involved and 12 years ago, I was licensed as a lay minister, meaning I have been preaching, taking services and preparing people for wedding, confirmation and baptism.

“That developed into a fully formed call to priesthood as I felt called to be a father to people and take care of them.

“I spent a month on placement in the Salisbury Plain Benefice last year as part of my training, and I loved it. I’m looking forward to working in this rural area of open spaces and strong communities. It will certainly give me a chance to see something different after 20 years in the second city of France.”

Photos from the service of all candidates are available and can be downloaded.
Credit should be given to Diocese of Salisbury/Gerry Lynch”.

Flickr (no sign in required, high res download available):


Further information
Contact Gerry Lynch, Director of Communications

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