Author: Graham Addison

Fabric, Wool & Haberdashery Sale

25th and 26th March in St Mary’s Church, Shrewton

Recent events have shown us how important craft and recycling are to many people in our community. We have decided to create a fabulous Sale of Fabric, Wool, & Haberdashery in St Mary’s Church, Shrewton on 25th March from 10.00am – 2.00pm and 26th March from 12.00pm – 4.00pm.

We already have begun to build up our supply of upholstery fabric, vintage fabrics and patterns, remnants and ribbons, so do also come along to our sale to see what we have on offer!

But right now we are inviting you to contribute things you no longer use or need to help us to provide a great selection of items for sale. We will take wool, needles, patterns, fabric and all types of haberdashery (buttons, thread, zips, elastic, beads, ribbons bias binding, buckles, etc). If in doubt, please do ask.

If you would like to donate your items, then please make contact with Eleanor to arrange delivery by 18th March.

All proceeds from this sale will go back into our work in this community. Any unsold stock will be shared with charities. Watch this Space for more information, or contact Eleanor on WhatsApp (07486 355674) or

A busy year for our buildings!

When you have four listed buildings in your care, the need for electricians, masons, roofers, plumbers and most of all architects, is never far away. This year we’ve somehow managed to have work undertaken on all 4 churches, and there are more projects in the pipeline. What difference will they make?

In all four buildings we’ve needed to look at making the roofing watertight, leading to two churches being surrounded in scaffolding over the summer and autumn. In Tilshead we’re about to overhaul the electrics, ensuring better heating and light as we go headlong into the coldest months of the winter. In Shrewton we’ve had part of the floor up, replacing an old wooden platform with beautiful stone flags, lowering the ancient font and opening up the space for reflection, remembrance and welcome.

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Salisbury Plain Benefice has a new website!

We have a new website! We hope you like it.

Please have a browse, enjoy the photos and posts, and then tell us what you think! We’d especially love to hear from you if there are things we’ve forgotten to share with you….and don’t forget, the website is just a window into our world here on the Plain. If you want to know more, we’d love to see you in person. You’re always welcome.