Candlemas Charity

‘Maddington Candlemas Charity’

That’s the current name of a trust set up in the mid-18th century to help meet the needs of the poor in Maddington. Then known as ‘Woodroffe’s and Tucker’s Charity’ it had become virtually defunct by the end of the 20th century and in 1995, with the help of the Charity Commission, a new trust deed was drawn up and the aim was extended to meet the needs of any organisation or individual resident in the old parish of Maddington and in the surrounding parishes.

A piece of land given by Woodroffe 200 years earlier was sold and the proceeds invested as a permanent endowment and it is from these proceeds that the trustees each year seek to meet the genuine needs of any organisation or person who applies.

At present the charity on average makes 25 grants each year and has never had to turn any genuine case away. The trustees, named below, try to make grants as speedily as possible and always in confidence. Any person or organisation feeling they have a genuine need of any sort should raise the matter with one of them. The current trustees are: the Rector, the Revd Eleanor Rance, Jan Blake, Mary Foynes, Ron Lock and Peter Sweet.

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