Craft Supplies Sale 2023



24th and 25th March 2023 in St Mary’s Church, Shrewton

After the huge popularity and success of our Fabric & Wool Sale in 2022, we’ve decided to have another sale in St Mary’s Church, Shrewton this year on 24th & 25th March. This time our theme is shifting slightly, to cover all things to do with Craft!

24th March  |  10.00am – 2.00pm
25th March  |  12.00pm – 4.00pm

We already have begun to build up our stock, but right now we are inviting you to contribute things you no longer use or need to help us to provide a great selection of items for sale.

We are interested in things you believe are still useable from any craft style- including things like paper, paints, clay, fabric, wool, buttons, beads, bits of lace, etc. but also tools, cutting boards, brushes, still functioning equipment, and books with guidance or instructions in. If in doubt, please do ask.

If you would like to donate your items, then please make contact with Eleanor to arrange delivery by 17th

All proceeds from this sale will go back into our work in this community. Any unsold stock will be shared with charities. Watch this Space for more information, or contact Eleanor on WhatsApp (07486 355674) or