St George’s

St George’s Church, Orcheston

St George’s Church in Orcheston, is a delightful church that is used for occasionally for services. In the past few years it has seen Songs of Praise, Remembrance Sunday services, Advent services and, more than once, local weddings; also, one weekend a year, it hosts a flower show.

Orcheston, St George's church in 2014

The church was built in the 13th century of flint and has a Norman north door. The windows in the nave and Early English chancel and low tower also date from the 13th century. St George’s was restored in 1833, during which the roof of nave was raised.

St George’s has been designated by English Heritage as a Grade II* listed building. It was declared redundant on 1 March 1982 and was vested in the care of The Churches Conservation Trust on 30 October 1985. The Trust has kindly permitted the use of the photos below, taken some years ago by Diana Neale.

oc OSG east window IMG_5634 St GeorgeOrchestoneastwindow CCT

oc OSG exterior IMG_5535 OrchestonStGeorgeexterior4(c)DianaNeale CCT


In 1988 St George’s even featured in an episode of the TV series First Born, starring Charles Dance, in which one of the characters runs into the bell tower of the church and, in a very dramatic scene, rings all four bells in one go!

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