Bible studies in the Benefice

The next Bible study: 7 February 2016 – Exodus/Corinthians/Luke


The Rector writes: ‘Every first Sunday in the month at the church in Chitterne, starting at 5 o’clock, we have a short bible study, followed by Compline. The format has varied and will continue to develop as people choose over time, but all are welcome. People are encouraged to bring whatever version of the bible they happy with. 

The current ‘plan’ is for a ‘talk’ from me, with the opportunity for questions or discussion… slightly more structured than the first two sessions have been. We are also hoping to set up a short ‘Bible Refresher’ course and an ongoing weekly housegroup following on from the creation of the Sunday Bible Studies. These two things will follow later in 2016.

You can link to the bible passages each week by clicking on That opens the passage in the New Revised Standard Version – NRSV – but you can choose to read it practically any version you want. There are also a huge variety of study notes, commentaries, dictionaries and a bible encyclopaedia.

Readings and notes for previous bible study sessions:

3 January 2016 – The birth narratives explored for Epiphany

6 December 2015 – Classic Advent texts