resources christening fourWe love to welcome people into God’s family. The traditional way in which we do this is by baptism (also known as Christening). Although people are usually baptised in the Anglican church when they are babies, we are very happy to welcome people of any age. Baptism is a highly symbolic service, when we offer ourselves, or someone in our care to God and he by his grace welcomes them.

We mark baptism in three ways:

  • the marking of the sign of the cross, the sign of Christ on the forehead
  • the washing of the candidate in water blessed for this purpose
  • the giving of a lighted candle to symbolise the light of Christ journeying with us throughout our lives

Some people feel uncomfortable in making promises on behalf of a child, but still wish to give thanks for a new member of the family and for safe arrival. We also have a special form of service when we can do this, known as ‘Thanksgiving for the gift of a child’.

If you would like further information, or to discuss the possibility of Confirmation, please use the contact us form.

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