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Salisbury Plain Benefice, Standing Committee

portrait Eleanor Rance Canon Eleanor Rance, Rector – 01980 620580 – parish mobile 07486 355674 – email
portrait David Walters The Revd David Walters, Associate Priest – 01980 620038
Stephane Javelle Revd Stéphane Javelle, Curate –
01980 621318
 portrait Robert Pryor Robert Pryor, Vice-Chairman (PCC) – 01985 850255
portrait Sam Shepherd

Sam Shepherd, PCC Treasurer – 01980 620254

portrait John Smedley John Smedley Chitterne Churchwarden – 01985 850567
 portrait Marcelle Stobie Marcelle Stobie, Chitterne Churchwarden – 01980 851048
portrait RTE Richard Essberger, Orcheston Churchwarden – 01980 620135
 portrait-gay-jennings-bramly Gay Jennings-Bramly, Shrewton Churchwarden – 01980 620422

You are welcome to contact the Salisbury Plain Benefice by email

Salisbury Plain Benefice



Contacting Salisbury Plain Benefice by post

Address: The Rectory, Chapel Lane, Shrewton, Wiltshire SP3 4BX

About this website

  • Salisbury Plain BeneficeThe copyright of this site and content is owned by the Rector and PCC of the Salisbury Plain Benefice

  • Pictures of children on this site are only shown with their parents’ permission

  • Material submitted to this site must have permission from its copyright owners

  • The Rector and PCC wish to thank James Smith, a Wiltshire artist, for his generous permission to use extracts from his painting, ‘On the Plain’ at the top of many pages on this site. He painted it in 2005, as the first in a series of Wiltshire scenes. He can be contacted via Devizes Books, Handel House, Devizes SN10 1LD – 01380 725944

‘On the Plain’, painted by James Smith

Location map of our churches, and other places of interest 

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