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ChittNstitch is a community group that meets in Chitterne Village Hall fortnightly on Fridays between 10.30 am and 3.30 pm. Originally known as Chitterne Kneeler Group the group was first formed in 2010 to stitch new altar rail and pew kneelers for the 150th anniversary of the local church. After completing the kneeler project the stitchers continue to meet to stitch projects of their own choosing, cushions, large and small and piano stools are just some examples.

Apart from watching the progress of the various pieces highlights of the day are Rowena’s Flapjacks (sugar gives energy for stitching!!) and Lunch, prepared by various members of the group and which has become more luxurious as time has gone on. A small charge is made which is given to charity. For 2014 the funds will be donated to Chitterne Village Hall to support their lighting improvement project.

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Local needlepointer, Ann Moody, who designed the church kneelers, is usually on hand to offer assistance. Allcomers welcome, please contact Ann by email or on 01985 851103 for more information, or Sarah Gooch by email or on 01985 850893

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