Prayer, house groups and seasonal courses

At the heart of our church community is the relationship we share with one another and with God. In many ways, through daily prayers, small study groups, and services of Holy Communion, this life of prayer continues day by day, and week by week in the Benefice.

Prayer Our weekly notice sheet holds a list of names and situations for which we have been asked to pray. Anyone may make a request to have their concern added to this list, and we would be delighted to receive requests through this website.

House groups A number of house groups meet weekly.

Lent groups In Lent members of the benefice join with other church groups in the villages to study and pray together. In past years a number of courses have been followed, including York Courses. This year Lent groups were hosted throughout the Benefice, with lent course 2014 Chocolatthe discussions based upon the film Lent groups Glimpses of GodChocolat and Hillary Brand’s book, Christ and the Chocolaterie. The mix of film excerpts and readings prompted some lively discussions and provided much food for thought. 

One churchwarden commented, “The Lent discussions have served to reinforce my faith by sharing beliefs with others.” 

A former churchwarden in Shrewton wrote: “Lent Groups have been running in the parish for many years. In each of the five weeks of Lent, ‘Churches Together’ coordinates the setting up of small groups of people from all churches, and from none, to meet together at a time and place convenient to them. In conversation and discussion for about an hour and a half each week, using a set book or a a study programme, the groups of four to five, occasionally more, share their views and experiences and seek to develop their Christian knowledge and belief, in an informal setting. This year, 2014, the groups based their thinking and discussion on the film ‘Chocolat’ which provoked a stimulating and engaging series of exchanges, coming from many different view points. This greatly helped to broaden and deepen our understanding as well as being thoroughly enjoyable. The final meeting each year when all the groups meet together embraces a sharing supper rounding off what has invariably been a worthwhile warm and productive experience.”

Rumour has it that 2015’s course may be based upon Les Miserables.

For more details please contact the Rector or 01980 620580, or by email.

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