All Saints’ and St Mary’s, Chitterne

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And we do lots of other things we want to tell you about. etc, etc, etc.




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  • Chitterne’s two churches
  • Chitterne’s two graveyards
  • Chitterne’s war memorials and memories

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Chitterne’s two churches

A church near you, logoA church near you, ChitterneThe church we use is sometimes called All Saints’ and sometimes All Saints’ and St Mary’s. The only part of the village’s other church, the ancient medieval church of Chitterne St Mary, what remains is the chancel, on the extreme right in the drawing above. The rest of the church was demolished in 1861 when the two Chitterne churches were amalgamated. The building has been dated at about 1450 but there had presumably been a church here since at least 1319 which is the date of the first known vicar under the patronage of the Dean and Chapter of Salisbury. One of the two bells of St Mary’s, which now hang in the new church, was made by John Barbur of Salisbury whose will is dated 1403, so that also suggests an earlier date.

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Chitterne’s two cemeteries

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Chitterne has two graveyards dating from the time when Chitterne was two separate parishes, Chitterne All Saints and Chitterne St Mary – Plan of Chitterne St Mary graveyard – with two parish churches. Both churches have since been demolished except for the chancel of Chitterne St Mary – a List of graves at Chitterne St Mary. The graveyards etc, etc. etc

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Our war memorials, and memories

Maybe couple of photos and text, listing names of those on memorials

Various memories, with photos, or medals, that sort of thing

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  • Chitterne’s village website
  • Wikipedia page on Chitterne
  • Wikipedia page on St Mary

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